Siegertal P Litter

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Mr Blue

Mr Green

Mr Gold

Miss Mauve
Miss Orange
Miss Pink

Miss Red

Miss Wine

Miss Silver
Miss Olive

Miss Peach

7 Weeks
Mr Blue 5468Mr Green 5501Mr Gold 5450Miss Mauve 5575Miss Orange 5483Miss Pink and Miss Red 5503Miss Red 5389Miss Wine 5565Miss Silver 5555Miss Olive 5557Miss Peach 5527
Mr Blue 5455Mr Green 5573Mr Gold 5445Miss Mauve 5572Miss Orange 5364Miss Pink 5377Miss Red 5464Miss Wine 5358Miss Silver 5346Miss Olive 5578Miss Peach 5522
Mr Blue 5533Mr Green 5408Mr Gold 5588Miss Mauve 5512Miss Orange 5369Miss Pink 5490Miss Red 5582Miss Wine 5355Miss Silver 5398Miss Olive 5345Miss Peach 5339
Mr Blue 5317Mr Green 5531Mr Gold 5302Miss Mauve and Miss Wine 5513Miss Orange 5532Miss Pink 5354Miss Red 5509Miss Wine and Miss Mauve 5518Miss Silver 5554Miss olive 5418Miss Peach 5424

4.5 Weeks
Mr Blue 4715Mr Green 4737Mr Gold 4854Miss Mauve 4793Miss Orange 4751Miss Pink 4785Miss Red 4699Miss Wine 4814Miss Silver 4833Miss Olive 4819Miss Peach 4870
Mr Blue 4727Mr Green 4745Mr Gold 4859Miss Mauve 4795Miss Orange 4752Miss Pink 4769Miss Red 4697Miss Wine 4806Miss Silver 4848Miss Olive 4821Miss Peach 4871
Mr Blue 4728Mr Green 4742Mr Gold 4861Miss Mauve 4802Miss Orange 4760Miss Pink 4773Miss Red 4700Miss Wine 4815Miss Silver 4831Miss Olive 4818Miss Peach 4867
Mr Blue 4717Mr Green 4741Mr Gold 4857Miss Mauve 4797Miss Orange 4758Miss Pink 4781Miss Red 4696Miss Wine 4808Miss Silver 4835Miss Olive 4823Miss Peach 4875

2.5 Weeks
Mr Blue 3536Mr Green 3539Mr Gold 3844Miss Mauve 3405Miss Orange 3823Miss Pink 3324Miss Red 3432Miss Wine 3458Miss Silver 3374Miss Olive 3422Miss Peach 3315
Mr Blue 3534Mr Green 3546Mr Gold 3838Miss Mauve 3408Miss Orange 3724Miss Pink 3329Miss Red 3775Miss Wine 3575Miss Silver 3377Miss Olive 3421Miss Peach 3313
1+ Week
P Litter 10 Days old 2853P Litter 10 Days old 2860P Litter 10 Days old 2885Miss Mauve 2874Miss Orange 2869Miss Pink 2863Miss Red 2881P Litter 10 Days old 2844Miss Silver 2867P Litter 10 Days old 2883Miss Peach 2871
12 Hrs Old
Atsy and P Litter 12Hrs old 2701Atsy and P Litter 12Hrs old 2708Atsy and P Litter 12Hrs old 2707Atsy and P Litter 12Hrs old 2709Atsy and P Litter 12Hrs old 2701